when companies outsource

I never cared a lot about this…until it began to affect me in my personal life. No, I don’t want to talk to an automated system, because I am not a robot. No, I don’t want to press 1, then 5, then 9, then #. This makes the call longer than it needs to be and it honestly just wastes my time. Which when I finally break through the system and speak to a live human being, I am told is so precious and appreciated.
Many times, if I need to talk to a customer service representative, where does my call go?: Somewhere where little to no English is spoken.
I don’t understand why companies do this. Yes, I know it’s to save money and all part of a mass globalization scheme, but still. It pisses off both customers and employees alike.

I hate this show with only the strongest passion…

So here’s my story. I am a rotation program new hire at a pretty big engineering company. It’s an international company, so its only offices in the US are in MA, TX, and CA. We deal with instrumentation and software and all the stuff that really has nothing to do with my major (chemical engineering). Which is I guess what I wanted while I was hating life and suffering through undergrad chem eng classes, but now I wouldn’t mind seeing something even remotely familiar, but I digress. Each employee naturally has an email address. However, upon getting my company laptop and setting up my Outlook account, I realized that my last and first name were switched, and no one could find me in the system. This fortunate realization began an unfortunate 2 week long battle to try to fix this mistake. My boss suggested that I call the IT Department and also hinted that my call might end up in….wait for it…INDIA. And end up in India it surely did. I didn’t immediately make a phone call, because like most people, I hate talking on the phone. Instead, I drafted and sent an email explaining the situation:

Hi, I was just informing you all that my email was set up backwards, as in my last name is switched with my first name. When people search for my last name, they can’t find me in the address book. Can this be fixed?

Thank you,

So what was their response?:

Hello LauraAshley, [note the lack of a hyphen]

Thank you for contacting the IT Global Service Desk. An Incident has been opened “INC000225785”, on your behalf and will be assigned to the correct resource for resolution. You may be contacted by an IT representative concerning your issue. Please use your Incident reference number “INC000225785”, when contacting the IT Global Service Desk for an update.

‘Yeah, progress!’….or so I thought. Long story short, they never got back to me for a whole week, and my boss was getting antsy, so I decided to call them. I ended up speaking to a woman in India on a phone with very poor connection. She was constantly yelling at me to speak up, to the point where I was yelling back to no avail. So I hung up. I sent them another email, with all politeness out the window, explaining the situation. They eventually, a week later, switched my first and last name like I had asked.

Now why in the world would an engineering company outsource their IT Department?! It is truly beyond me. Either way, the problem was never truly solved, since my first name is still listed as ‘LauraAshley’ in the system.

I guess I’ll have to count this as a small victory in the corporate world.