casual friday

Today is one of those days that I could have decided to just not come to work, and nobody at my job would even notice. Although I feel like that most days that I have no work, and no one came to my cube to give me work, I’m feeling it more than ever today.

Today, like most Fridays, the parking lots are empty, while on other days of the week, you’d be lucky if you found a spot close to the office building.
A LOT of people are on vacation. And by a lot, I mean that there is only me and another person in my department here. By this time on a normal day, I would’ve been bombarded with bitch work and would have had more than one person coming to my cubicle to ask me “how everything is going”. By this time on a normal day, the sounds of people eating their breakfast would have almost driven me to near insanity. Today, however, there is nothing.

But the best thing about today is that its ‘Casual Friday’ and I get to wear jeans to work.

I never knew what a great feeling it was since I took it for granted in college. The funny thing about college is that most people dress like shit for the whole week, then on Fridays, they dress up. Why do they dress up? So they can start drinking right when classes end, and they know they don’t have to worry about changing or anything because they already look good and are ready to go out. I am guilty of doing this… a lot. But then there were those Fridays in college that you had a midterm or final, and you just didn’t give a flying fuck how you looked while campus. Your preparation consisted of you rolling out of bed, brushing your teeth, and heading straight to class…with the crust still in your eyes. For some people, this nonchalance towards their appearance was an everyday occurrence, especially at a tech school, but I digress.

Now every Friday, I get to wake up, throw on some jeans, walk into the office, and not care about how I look. No color coordinating, battling with my iron, or struggling with my hair. NO BUSINESS CASUAL. In college, I looked forward to whenever I could wear heels. Now, it’s gotten to the point that I don’t even wear heels on Mon.-Thurs. – I wear flats. I keep the heels in my car just in case, but I don’t think I’ll ever compromise and wear them.

This is real life now. It’s the little things.