hurricane irene

Time for a serious post.

Is it acceptable to be angry at the whole world right now?

After two days of my company not having power, it finally got power back after 4am this morning. So here I am, back at work. This is definitely one occasion where I am happy to be at work.  There is electricity here…and there is none at my apartment. I am sitting in my cube and listening to people tell stories of how they “survived Hurricane Irene” and how they “just got power back yesterday”. Well good for you, because I’m still in the dark. The estimated time National Grid has reported that our power will be back on is 12am on Sept. 4. WE LOST POWER AT 8AM ON SUNDAY, AUGUST 28TH. I am still not understanding why National Grid knew a hurricane was coming and didn’t take necessary precautions. The progress and communication have been slow, and I am thoroughly disgusted. I know it could be worse. I called my parents (in MD), who have all-electric appliances and have been without power since August 27th, and Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) is telling them that power will be back up on Sept. 2. Their basement flooded (about 3 inches), and they had to remove all the carpeting.  The worst part is that my siblings started school on Monday, and essentially have no hot water to shower with, can’t do laundry to wash their uniforms, and haven’t had a home-cooked meal in days.

I am thoroughly disgusted that a day of rain and wind, cannot be handled by a whole state. Politicians lie by promising that “power will be restored to the whole city by the end of the day.” Yeah okay, two days later and we’re still waiting. However, the city to the north of me, has their own electric company and were up and running within one day. Everyone should learn from them. Corporate capitalization is truly such an ugly thing.
I wonder what people would be saying if Irene was on the same scale as Katrina. I feel so bad for the people with young children, the people who need rent money, but can’t go to work, the people who live paycheck-to-paycheck that spent their money on groceries before Irene hit…just to have it spoil in the fridge/freezer, etc.

That’s everyone without power right now.

When a friend gets power back, what’s the protocol? Do you say “Congratulations!”, when in your mind, you’re angry at that person for having electricity while you’re still in the dark.

I’ve gone near crazy, for more reasons than I care to explain. I have a roommate that cannot stand the sound of silence, so she constantly needs noises around her. However, when there is no electricity, the noises are few. So she talked to me…A LOT. At first I didn’t mind, but after a while, I just want to be in my own silence, in my own mind. I don’t watch a lot of TV as it is, so I don’t mind the lack of it. It’s the convenience of electricity that I miss. Knowing that: my food is cool and safe from spoiling, I can use my phone to call home, I can listen to music, there are streetlights on so I can see my surroundings, and my alarm clock can wake me up in the morning.

How many games of ‘Rummy’ can one play? I’m already cringing at the thought of going back to an electricity-less apartment. Can I just spend the night at the office?