i guess time really flew

Today makes it 3 months that I’ve been working a real-person job. It’s really hard to believe , and before I know it, it’ll be January and I’ll be starting my next rotation. Then time will fly by and sooner or later, I’ll be finished with the 2-yr rotation program. While I’m very grateful to have a job, especially in this economy…yeah.

What have I learned in these 3 months? – Nothing. Besides the typical software programs necessary to do my job, there is nothing new I have learned about myself. I know I’m awkward, and when I started, I was pretty sure how I would act in any given situation, so nothing really came as a surprise. I’m in MA, so I knew that the diversity would already be lacking. While diversity isn’t a huge factor, I find it sad that in 2011, it is still kind of uncommon, especially since I come from a diverse area.

Any new friends? – No, but surprisingly, I’m more than okay with that. I’m not sure that I want to be friends with people I work with.

Any new goals? – Of course, but they’re extremely work-unrelated.

What do I do with my time outside of work? – I volunteer and I visit my college friends.

Last week was spirit week at my company, and it was just sad. A whole lot of no-spirit, myself included of course.

I seriously don’t know how people work for the rest of their lives, especially in a corporate environment. The cubicle colors, the lack of individual expression, the fluorescent lighting, the smell of stale coffee – it’s all so depressing. I get so excited when I hear someone cursing and swearing because to me, it’s like their soul is trying to escape and you see a glimmer of their true self. I keep my cubicle very neat and clean, but I prefer to separate work and home. I see people who have been here for as little as a year, and they’ve already tried desperately to decorate their cubes, but it still looks so sad, like the Charlie Brown christmas tree. And I won’t even get started on the people who have been here for 30+ years…I’m really not even sure what they’re waiting for.