finding hair on you that’s not yours

Hair: we all have it.
Hair: it belongs on our heads.
Hair: it has different colors and textures that depend on a lot of factors.
Hair: I like mine – not yours.

Have you ever found a hair on you that wasn’t yours? To me, it produces the same disgust as one would feel when finding a piece of hair in their food. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always been that way. Obviously, ‘natural’ (black) hair is very different from other races, so I know what my hair looks like. We all shed, so I am not surprised nor disgusted when I find a fallen strand of my own tightly coiled hair on my clothes or in my car.

A worse feeling is finding a foreign strand of hair on your own head…mixed in with your own hair. Picking a blonde strand of hair of an afro is definitely kind of weird, but it just makes me panic and wonder two things:

I clearly have friends of different races/ethnicities, with all different hair types, and don’t think any particular hair type is superior, but I just don’t want your hair on me. I cringe when someone does their hair around me, as all their shedded strands fly around. I can’t even hide the worry from my face. It has also gotten to the point that when I go over to someone else’s house, I don’t really like to use their blankets because they might have hair on it, be it their hair or animal hair.

I remember being a child and hating riding the bus to school when it was raining. Why? Because of hair. Wet hair. The thought of wet hair on the dirty, wet bus floors sticking to my feet would fill me with dread. I would sit the whole 7-minute bus ride to school with my hands on my knees, holding the lower-half of my legs off the bus floor. No lie.

The thought now is making me cringe.
Please keep your hair to yourself.