the anti-valentine’s day hype

I never understood why people are so angry on Valentine’s Day. What is it about this day that makes people think they are worthless and unloved?

What magical meaning does this card hold?

Growing up, I truly looked forward to Valentine’s Day. I remember always trying to find meaning in the generic, store-bought valentine’s day cards that were given to me by my crushes (unbeknownst to them). Also, there were the homeroom parties…and the CANDY, the CANDY!

However, the level of excitement and anticipation for this holiday shared by those around me, seemed to diminish when I was in college? Not to mention that because I was in a sorority, I was always surrounded by angry females at this time of year – always wanting to have “girls’ nights” or bash the campus center couples on Valentine’s Day. I always find it funny when I encounter people who share this anti-Valentine’s day sentiment because I feel like they are extremely hypocritical. If they were in relationships, they would look forward to Valentine’s Day. They never seem to realize this though.

Maybe this feeling has never hit me because I’ve never been in a serious relationship around Valentine’s Day, so being single is nothing new to me. I know, for sure, that there is no particular terrible thing about me that explains why I am single, and while being single definitely has its ups and downs at times, I remain hopeful and not angry at those in relationships. On Valentine’s Day, people seem to treat their ‘singleness’ like a disease and seem to bond together over the same symptoms. A week ago, I was already seeing Valentine’s Day-relevant status updates on my Facebook newsfeeds (or newsfeeds I should say?). One of my close friends actually planned an anti-Valentine’s Day party for next weekend. Am I going? OF COURSE I’m going…for the food and dranks! HOLLA!

Are you angry because you’re alone on Valentine’s Day? Aww too bad. I’m sure there are a lot of people who you love in the world (your friends and family perhaps?). Show it to them and send them a nice card, email, text, or Facebook message. Let the day come and go and don’t get into the hype.

Now who’s excited for those candy sales on Feb.15th?!