true life: i take naps in my car during lunch

About an hour ago, I returned from taking the most delicious lunch time nap.
Oh the struggles of adult life. It can be so challenging sitting and staring at a computer screen.

Yes, I know: first world problems.

Like most Americans, I am cursed with a desk job. But I have found a way to make that a blessing. With most desk jobs also comes an hour-long lunch break. During this lunch break you can:

– continue to work
– actually eat lunch
– go to a doctor’s/dentist appointment
– run errands (mostly post office stuff in my case)
– read a book

Most of the time, I either read, nap, or both. Thirty minutes reading, thirty minutes napping. Both occur in my ever so roomy Toyota Camry. I push the seat all the way back and recline the seat all the way back.
Of course I don’t do this in the parking lot. Since the weather is nice, and it’s summer, it’s best to find a nice, secluded area, where you can safely roll down the windows without fear of being attacked by a weird, crazy stranger. If it’s too hot, make sure you park under a nice tree that will kindly provide you with free shade.

Make sure you keep a blanket/pillow in your car for convenience, and for those chilly days.

I usually end up eating when I get back. It’s important for me to take time out of my 8-5 for myself. Does this make me antisocial? Perhaps. But who would pick conversing over napping? I’ll wait…

That’s what I thought.
Do it.