slow and steady

It’s already Winter? It’s already the end of 2012? How did it all get here so quickly? I’ve been up to things, keeping myself busy – bridal showers, weddings, bar crawls, volunteer work, dancing, camping, etc.


workplace boredom masterpiece

Today, I deactivated my Facebook. There was once a time when I once had 1,000 FB ‘friends’ – sickening, I know. During my senior year of college, I deleted 400. After graduation, I deleted about 100 more.  Also after graduation, my physical social circle shrunk into a favorable-sized group. I don’t really communicate with anyone in this group via Facebook. It’s text/call/email. Me and my 6 other siblings do chat via FB, but we mostly send daily emails and we will text. Same goes for my communication with my parents. As for the other FB friends left, I can only hide so many people from my news feed. I consider myself a humorous person. My statuses are usually witty, and I’d like to think that they would cause a normal person to chuckle. I never post about my location, take pictures of my food, make political rants, etc. I really just say what’s on my mind – mostly jokes, humorous daily happenings.

For example: “A driver really just threw a banana peel out of his window. What the hell – this isn’t Mario Kart…”

But as I scrolled through the unimportant rantings in my news feed(s) this morning, I really just asked myself: Are we really worth how many ‘likes’ we get? That’s what FB seems to be – a quest for likes. A ladder of attention-grabbers and a pair of rose-colored lenses. So maybe I’ll come back to save my pictures and let people know my contact info before I delete for good, but for now, I’m just out. I didn’t make a big deal or status about it. Didn’t send a message. Didn’t let my mouse pointer hover over the ‘deactivate’ button when FB let me know “all my friends who will miss me”. I’m just clearing my head and continue to go with the flow of life. I’m sure most people will know where to find me, if not, they’ll most likely ask.

Off to bed. Got a 6am flight home to MD for some Thanksgiving food and family time. So excited! This will actually be my 4th Thanksgiving dinner in the past 2 weeks. I’ve had so many Friendsgivings which I guess just means I’m so lucky to have so many great people in my life!

Continuing to stay positive and live in the present!


2 thoughts on “slow and steady

  1. I know, isn’t it crazy that it’s winter and the year is almost over? I swear it just started.

    And I completely agree about Facebook. It all went downhill with the newsfeed. That was the end of the great Facebook and entrance of the “I wanna be popular” Facebook.

  2. Yes! I think the new FB was designed to keep you constantly wondering what others are doing at all times of day, and to feel like you’re missing out if you don’t get on once a day. I once posted on a friend’s wall, and she responded within SECONDS, like she was waiting, staring at the screen, hoping for a notification to pop up. I wish I had just texted her rather than getting a conversation on FB going.
    I have no intention of going back anytime soon.

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