of groundhogs and men

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am SO over this Winter and the cold. As a child, Winter is so fun and exciting. It means snow days or two-hour school delays, sleeping in on a weekday,  snow angels, building igloos, “helping” to shovel the driveway, and hot chocolate. Obviously the finer things in life. As an adult, Winter means waking up early to shovel snow off of and around your car, pumping gas in 10 degree weather, slow traffic, near-death drifting experiences because you’re too cheap to buy snow tires, ugly and washed out winter skin, dry skin and hair, dirty/smelly/slushy carpet when you enter the grocery store [Why do they do that?!], and people double-parking because exactly no one can locate the parking space lines. Ugh.

Punxsutawney Phil: “these people really believe this shit…”

I believe the Farmers’ Almanac to be more accurate than the anything the weather people say.  I’m not sure what Punxsutawney Phil predicted, but according to the Farmers’ almanac: it’s looking like shit until April. With Nemo coming to the Northeast tomorrow, I wish I was living in Florida right now. But nah, that place is crazy. Bath salts. I’m just like everyone else – wishing for warmth and sandals-weather. Positive note: I have not gotten sick once this winter! Thank you immune system and Purell. (Knock on wood).

On another topic, and the point of this post: my life! Yes it’s strange indeed. Everyone around me is getting engaged, married, and/or having babies – it’s cray. I’m only 23. My obstacles are tuning out (note: not ‘turning out’) assholes on the daily and paying 60% of my salary to student loans. Weddings are fun to attend and babies are fun to play with, but I couldn’t even think about bringing in another human into this world right now.

i get my fair share of babies while volunteering at the shelter

i get my fair share of babies while volunteering at the shelter

Also, while everyone was busy getting gym memberships last month, I actually cancelled mine. It was kind of ironic and almost like ending a relationship. However, seeing that I hadn’t been to the gym in 4 months, it was unwise to keep throwing away money. My body hasn’t revolted yet in the form of obesity, so no harm done. Thank you wheat allergy! Other than that, I’ve completed a few grad school applications and attempted to tackle the GRE while trying not to die from test anxiety and self-sabotage.

pinot grigio and a burger? classy.

Warning: LA rant about to follow:

At work, I’ve been listening to white noise to drown EVERYONE out. YouTube has this great “12 hours of white noise” video and I’ve added it to my ‘favorites’ list.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but it’s fabulous and more effective than listening to music. Sometimes I think I’m over-reacting, but often times, I realize that I’m not – people are just that inconsiderate. When you’re in an office, I think it’s so incredibly rude to have a LOUD conversation right outside someone else’s (read: my) cubicle. And the conversation isn’t brief by any means, usually going on for an hour. It’s one of the things I hate the most about working in an office. I dislike hearing other people’s conversations and personal information. I dislike when people talk on speaker phone. I dislike the sounds of people sniffling repeatedly when there’s a box of tissues right on their desk. I dislike the smells wafting from other cubicles. I dislike intrusive people who look at my computer screen when walking by my cubicle. I dislike the fluorescent, fake lighting that makes everyone look washed out, robotic, and ugly. I dislike conformity. I dislike HR’s incompetence  I dislike the sounds of people eating and scraping the last remnants of food out of its respective container. I dislike the smell of the old carpets from the 1970s that haven’t been washed in Lord knows how long. I just don’t think I’m cut out for an office environment. Yeah I should “suck it up and deal with it” and yes, it has caused me to become a little more tolerant, but I always ask myself: “Why is it that I have to be tolerant to unacceptable behavior and unnecessary noises?”

Karma, my good friend, where ya at?!


2 thoughts on “of groundhogs and men

  1. I hear ya… on all fronts! We need a) warmth asap b) less weddings c) people to stop being rude… (most recent is dude who sits behind me who blows his nose every 5 minutes)… No wonder I opt to work at home. Nice post!

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