beware the ides of…april?

(Long time + Long long time) – time = Long long long time.

What’s my weird blog title about? Well, now that the commotion has calmed down and most of the facts have come out, I wanted to take time to mention the Boston Marathon – April 15th. Growing up, I had no idea about the Boston Marathon, but after moving to MA for school, I learned how big of a event it is in people’s lives. Up here, it falls on what people call “Marathon Monday” – which people take off work for. Since my sophomore year of college, I’ve been live-streaming the Marathon, attempting to see if I notice any of my classmates in the crowd, which I always see a couple, and hearing the inspiring stories of the runners. The runners themselves are inspiring, and you can always see on their faces when the race stops becoming physical and becomes purely mental. People I know may not run the Marathon themselves, but I have many friends who attend to cheer on runners, volunteer at water stations, have family running, etc. Now that I’ve graduated, many of my classmates work/live/go to grad school in Boston, Cambridge, and Watertown. Likewise, many were at the Marathon that day. What happened after the explosives went off and during the week to follow was pure commotion and fear. So many friends had close encounters, being in Copley Square 2 minutes before the explosion, walking away with plans to return shortly. It’s scary how being in the wrong place at the wrong time can happen to anyone. The victims and their families are in my thoughts. It’s inspiring to hear of the large amounts of strangers helping strangers after the explosions and throughout the rest of the week – it definitely helps show that there are still kind acts of humanity. I truly feel saddened that I haven’t even lived a quarter of a century, and my generation has seen so many acts of violence and terrorism. I feel like there is an ever-increasing desensitization to violence, which is definitely not helped by the media, who, in my opinion, causes/promotes unnecessary mass panic, speculation, and hatred.  Hopefully Boston as a city, and the US as a nation, can get past this.

To change moods, I guess now I’ll transition into why I’ve been so MIA.

While growing up, one of my favorite shows was The Magic School Bus. I always watched it, even if it was a re-run, looking for stuff I may have missed before. I even love watching it now, and I’ll be 24 in 3 months haha. That’s the beauty of learning, the beauty of wonder. These past few months were spent going through the grad school application process. Through my statement of purpose and interviews, I hoped to communicate this passion that I had, my belief of universal potential and ability. I attempted not to be a naive and assume that everything in education will be rainbows, or that the “children need saving”. I just want to do what I feel like I was put on this earth to do: empathize, inspire, motivate, communicate, and teach. Anyways,  I decided to play if safe and apply to 5 (FIVE) schools. What happened next, I would have never imagined – I got into all five schools. And after a stressful couple of weeks deciding, I finally chose a school that fits me. I can happily and officially say that I am going to grad school to get my Masters of Arts in Teaching! I will be seeking secondary chemistry certification, in other words – I will be a high school chemistry teacher. This month will be my last month in MA, as I will be moving to my home-state, MD, for grad school. While I’m sad to leave friends and close this chapter of my life, I am more than ready to begin this new one.

All I can say is: things are looking up! So it’s looking like this blog, obviously personal, will have a new underlying theme: Engineer turned Educator! I’m really excited for this new journey in my life and to channel my inner Ms. Frizzle!

The Frizz

“Take Chances, Make Mistakes, and Get Messy!”


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